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The Golf Crowd Celebrates

Anyone - particularly but not exclusively women - who would like to play in the International Women's Golf Event is welcome - low, medium, high (or even no) handicap, amateur or professional, young or old - anyone who wants to play golf on any course, anywhere in the world, to celebrate International Women's Day. The motto is #EachforEqual and #PuttforGood. We will celebrate the achievements of women in golf.
Players can play in twos, threes, or fours - golfers will be able to enter whatever the requirements of the course for playing groups. Everyone will be asked to ensure that the name of the marker, as well as the player, is clearly entered on the scorecard.
Success would be:
  • Lots of golfers playing on the fairways, dressed in the colours of International Women's Day - purple, green and yellow
  • Club pro shops running special events, green fee packages, group lessons
  • AND many happenings we haven't even thought of ...
So email your friends, put March 8th-14th 2020 on the agenda of the next meeting of your Ladies Committee, invite friends to play, spread the word AND give us your ideas - that killer idea no one has thought of!
Although in many parts of the world, golf courses may still be closed, we cannot change the date of International Women's Day. In some years, the weather has been atrocious in both hemispheres and all efforts to make it possible for golfers to play proved fruitless. Even so, many players took the opportunity to meet, eat and drink and made donations to their charities. Go to the driving range and use our special competition formats. So if it is not possible to play, still mark the day - do those things golfers do when the weather stops play! Be part of the day and practice the #EachforEqual pose!
International Women's Day should be celebrated by women and men alike. Whilst the competition is aimed at women and played off the red tees, we will be delighted if men are keen to support the Day playing off the yellow tees. In 2020, we are introducing extra prizes for teams including men!
The entry fee is a donation to a charity of your choice. A good guide is the fee you normally pay to enter competitions, roughly the cost of a glass of beer or wine, a cup of coffee or two. So donate what you can afford - count your blessings! When you sign the starting sheet before going out to play you will be asked to confirm that you have made a donation. Do let us know when you decide - you can let us know to which charity by clicking here.
All entry fees are 100% donated to charity by entrants. The International Women's Golf Event is organised by golfcrowd.online, a community website sponsored by the online store, iGo.golf. All the costs of organisation are met by iGo Labs Ltd. Revenue from any ads on the site will be used to ensure that the organisation of the event is tiptop, and to contribute towards essentials such as website hosting and event booking software. Any surplus will be donated to charity.
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